Even Heroes need their Sleep

The continuing adventures of our fearless hero, Merlin!

So, as any good dog parent knows one of the biggest milestones for a pup is the “Fist Vet Visit”! Possibly the most traumatic moment in a young pup’s life and also the moment they realize that you’ve completely betrayed them to get poked ad prodded.

The nice thing is that they don’t dislike you for very long.

So I set about scheduling Merlin’s very fist vet visit with some mild apprehension. Not anything horrible, just the average thought of “What if something is already wrong with my baby?” or “What if I’m not doing something right already?”, fairly average things for someone who has just gotten a puppy.

The appointment day rolls around and Merlin dawns his armor, his adorable little collar and matching leash, and happily trots out to the truck with me. At this point he had no idea the torture he was about to endure, the poor, poor puppy.

So off to the vets we go and he sits in his seat (the left side of the back seat is ‘his’ seat with his seatbelt leash and his blanket and he will let anyone know it too). Once we get there he is super excited, its somewhere new! Somewhere he’d never been before! Somewhere- Oh holy crap what is that big monster with fur laying on the ground!?!

Now at this point Merlin had never seen a dog bigger than a 50 pound Labrador, so to discover a 90 pound plus German Shephard just snoozing on the floor was a bit of a shock to Merlin. The first dragon of Merlin’s young life lay before him, and he had no idea what to do.

Or at least I wish he had no idea what to do and just let me carry him about. But no, not my little hero he had a perfectly good idea, or at least he thought it was a good idea.

Merlin jumped on the bigger dog.

Now before anyone thinks I’m a terrible puppy mom, let me just be clear that I do know this dog very well as he is our vet’s dog and chills at the office, usually giving other animals someone to play with so they’re not so scared. I’ve seen him covered in kittens and puppies and just as chill as you please so I wasn’t worried that anything would happen. I feel it was more of a “Oh my goodness my toddler puppy is being rumbustious” kind of moment. Anyway back to the story!

Merlin climbed all over that poor dog, from his tail to his head my puppy climbed and slide and had a absolute blast. Did the other dog wake up? Yep.

Did he go back to sleep after realizing that it was yet again, just another puppy? You can bet your bottom he sure did. In this moment, I felt Merlin had ‘slayed’ his very first dragon. Before when he had been introduced to dogs outside of our family’s dogs he was shy and skittish, but after this particular adventure he became a great deal more bold and friendly. Has he had to be trained to not go chasing after every new dog he meets? Yes. Has he had to learn to respect other dogs space? Yes? Was it easy? Yes and no I suppose. But that is neither here nor there in this story so moving on!

You see, Merlin’s adventure wasn’t over yet, he still had to see bum bum BUMMMM… the vet! His second dragon. So into the exam room we go and so begins the typical process. Paperwork, questions, lots of loving on the puppy who hammed it up like you would not believe, then came the temperature, shots and nasal spray. The temperature was by far the worst for him, he did not appreciate it at all, but he was a brave boy and rose above the discomfort. Then came the shots, which he sailed through like a champ. Finally, the dreaded nose spray, which after a few sneezes, was forgotten all about.

Now we were at the end of the exam and the vet was feeling legs and back and giving me some advice for my puppy, when Merlin did the most bizarre if not completely adorable thing.12734073_1102761269747578_2363233632826628317_n

He fell asleep. Right there in the middle of the final physical exam. Just poof! Out like a light.

Now for anyone who has never raised a puppy or a child, I’ll let you in on a secret. Puppies and children can sleep absolutely anywhere at any time. Now can this be part of a serious health problem? Yeah it can, but most of the time it’s not. It’s just they’re super tired from the over excitement, plain and simple.

So the vet technician snapped the picture above for me and for their Facebook page, it’s not every day that a puppy falls asleep during a checkup at the vets. But I guess facing 2 dragons in one days would be very tiring to anyone, even a little Hero like Merlin.

So I bundled him up, put him back in the truck and drove home, and he slept the entire car ride. But like a said being a hero is very tough work and even they need their naps.



The Owner (Who would love to be able to sleep like a puppy, anytime, anyplace)


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